the evolution of challah dough

Updated: May 6

Shoutout to Ted's braiding skills. I finally understand why breadmaking got so popular during quarantine — it’s so therapeutic working with dough!

During quarantine I've been doing Shabbat here and there with Ted, and I've really enjoyed the reminder to slow down to light some candles and watch them slowly burn low. The bread and wine are also a huge plus. I've loved experimenting with challah bread--it's a bread I never tried until meeting Ted in college and now it's a favorite. It's surprisingly simple to pick up after doing it a few times. My braiding has much to be desired, but thankfully Ted can step in to help if needed. I've also become comfortable with just doing a simple three-strand braid instead of getting too complex. Something about knots and braids get me so confused!

Looking forward to improving my challah game slowly but surely. It's exciting to get into more baking/cooking. One plus in a year of minuses.


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