february mood board

Updated: May 7

January was probably the longest January known to modern humankind?

Covid's still here, mutating (but thank goodness for the vaccine making its way into loved ones and strangers alike!).

There was a COUP on our nation's capital. Okay.

It's very cold here in Detroit (cold in January? Groundbreaking).

The "end" of the pandemic is near, but it's all still so ambiguous and uncertain and emotional as ever.

It's hard to imagine the future right now, and it's difficult to accept that it's been almost a year that we've moved to a city where we don't know anyone! Isolation station up in here! Very isolated! Very cold!

Despite it all, there are still bright lights (namely the sun lamp on its way to me) to look forward to. I made another mood board, because mood boards make me happy. I'll be carrying on the spirit of last month's board into February as well (especially in the painting and reading realm).

This month I'm hoping for some creativity, warmth, comfort, and less eczema-y hands so I can start wearing my ring collection again.


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